Cyber Fraud Prevention

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Stay one step ahead of the fraudsters and protect the reputation of your firm.

Dye & Durham is committed to helping you offer the best protection to your clients and their money through enhanced risk management and increased due diligence. As market leaders, we provide consultative and proven due diligence solutions to law firms. 

Our intelligence and data, combined with information we have collected over many years, allows us to identify market weaknesses and failures. Our solutions are created using technology, products and services that solve these issues. 

Our Lawyer Checker product is commonly recognised as an integral element within conveyancing risk management, verifying the legitimacy of the law firm on the other side of a transaction. We also provide services designed to help mitigate risk in the wider legal market. 

Integrated into over 1000 law firms’ processes, our solution can help protect your firm’s reputation, and your clients money against criminal intervention. 

Lawyer Checker

A simple yet effective risk mitigation solution that helps conveyancers adhere to the SRA Code of Conduct for Solicitors (SCCS) 4.2 – to safeguard client money and assets. Validate a conveyancer’s destination of funds with our unique real time algorithm.

Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials is an accreditation scheme that is advocated by the UK Government’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). It was created to help organisations of all sizes defend against 80% of the most common causes of cyber-attacks. IASME are the consortium that license and certify assessors to conduct Cyber Essential. Lawyer Checker is one of IASME’s licensed assessors.

Consumer Bank Account Checker

Validates the client destination of funds for the sale of a property. Covering most UK bank accounts and powered by Experian, this cost-effective check is another important part of law firm’s armour against cyber criminals.

Why use Lawyer Checker?

The Lawyer Checker product was developed in the wake of growing concern about vendor conveyancer fraud. It is a common tactic of cyber criminals to impersonate a real law firm to try and illicitly steal funds. Lawyer Checker provides you with enhanced risk management for such conveyancing transmissions. 

Now in its 11th year, Lawyer Checker, a Dye & Durham solution has become a well-known, trusted brand within the conveyancing sector.  Our innovative and cost-effective solutions have helped law firms achieve demonstrable due diligence in some of the most challenging times ever experienced. 

Dye & Durham’s analysis of the SRA’s 2021 issued scam alerts has shown that 91% of all alerts related to some sort of impersonation of a real firm or legal professional. Lawyer Checker mitigates the threat conveyancers face from fraudsters when transferring funds to one another. 

When in the transaction should I perform a Lawyer Checker search?

We recommend that you carry out the search when you get Requisitions on Title and before Exchange of Contracts. There is also an option to update the search, immediately before completion by clicking on ‘Search Update’ in the Account section of the website. You can then find the search you want to update and click ‘Perform Update’. The result will be emailed to you in the same timescale as with initial results. 

What details do I need to enter to perform a Lawyer Checker Search?

All you need is the client account details of the firm you are sending money to and their name and postcode. You will also need to enter some details about the case concerned. 

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