Climate Report

Helping homebuyers to understand the potential hazards posed by our changing climate

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Look to the future with the Climate Report

The effects of climate change can already be felt all over the world. Warmer temperatures, rising sea levels, increased rainfall and extreme weather conditions are all evidence of shifts in our climatic systems. Greenhouse gases, aerosol emissions and land use all affect our climate and problems will only increase over the coming decades.

For the first time, UK Conveyancers can now inform homebuyers of the hazards arising from climate change that could affect their property in the future. Supporting your due diligence processes, the report combines a number of data sets and looks at different scenarios to expose how changes in our climate could impact the built environment over the next 80 years.

The Climate Report is the first of its kind in the UK marketplace and is unique in looking forwards to the potential effects a changing climate can have on a property in years to come. These include:

Soil Subsidence

Rising temperatures and increased rainfall cause soils to shrink and swell, affecting the stability of foundations.

Extreme Winds

Storms are known to cause damage to property and are the costliest natural peril covered by UK insurers. Major winter windstorms are projected to increase in frequency.

Coastal Erosion

Properties by the coast are often more vulnerable to erosion because of the softer ground types on which they are built. This erosion timeline is further exacerbated by rising sea levels.

Flood Risk

1 in 6 homes in England is at risk from flooding. As the UK gets wetter, flooding from natural bodies of water including riverine and coastal flooding, and the number of ʻflash floodʼ surface water events caused by lack of drainage is expected to increase substantially.

Delivered by our expert Insight & Data team, and using in-house methodology, we are now able to illustrate these future hazards to the homebuyer to ensure they are fully informed.

The data used to build this report is already used by top UK banks, insurers and lenders, and we believe that regulatory bodies in our own industry will begin to follow suit in the coming months. In delivering this new report to your client, you can be proactive in your enhanced due diligence, giving your client total peace of mind that you have given them all the information they need to decide on their purchase.


Easy to Understand
Simple hazard scoring allows a comparison between the different hazards and time periods

Clear & Concise
Quickly identify when the property will be at a high exposure to what hazard

Expert Customer Support
All enquiries can be directed to the experts at Dye & Durham Insight & Data

Ongoing Access to Insight
Complimentary access to our Climate Hub allows your client to track climate impacts, even after purchasing their property

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