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Information To Include In Your Process Serving Request

Help Us Better Help You – Information To Include In Your Process Serving Request

At Dye & Durham, we’re continuously striving to provide you with the best in customer service.

Here are the top twelve things to include in a process serving order to our team:

1. Type of Service: Personal / Business

2. Evasive Defendant: Yes / No

3. Full Name (first, middle, last names)

4. Date of Birth: Month / Day / Year

5. Gender: Male / Female

6. Description and Photo

7. Business Name (if applicable)

8. Address with Entrance Method: Main floor / Basement / Other

9. Phone Numbers (cell, home, work)

10. Building Information:

a. Buzzer number:

b. Building manager name and phone number:

c. Property management company name:

11. Vehicle Make & Model:

12. Best Time for Service:

a. Weekday / Weekend

b. Morning / Afternoon / Evening

Please contact our Process and Document Services department at 778-312-0201 for more information. Send your work orders through ETRAY™ for fast, efficient service.

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