• Having your own book of business makes you a more attractive candidate to law firms looking to hire, and it improves your independent success. Technology is changing the legal industry and your command of it not only helps you operate more efficiently, it facilitates the development of your clientele. Today's lawyers flourish with entrepreneurial skills. Your savvy use of available tools helps you build your practice, which is important whether your goal is to go to a big law firm or operate independently.

    Globally, lawyers are facing increased competition for providing legal services. Some traditional legal services are now provided in unconventional ways. Consultants in human resources, financial planning or other professions, offshore law firms, early-resolution service providers and legal outsourcing businesses are some of the innovations in the provision of legal services. Alternative business structures are introducing law firms with non-lawyer ownership and bundling legal services as multi-disciplinary practices with other professionals. It is increasingly important for newer lawyers to be competitive.

  • Innovative Legal Software Provides Efficiencies That Help Build Your Law Practice

    With pressures from clients to reduce legal costs and provide more affordable legal services, software provides you with efficiency, organisation and streamlined processes that enable you to perform tasks quicker and set aside more time to develop client relations.

    Many lawyers practicing as sole practitioners or in small firms have limited resources yet still provide full service to their clients. Innovative legal software enables you to provide complete legal services in a fraction of the time allotted to traditional methods. This allows you to operate lean, keeping costs for property and labor low, if you choose, and to work at a high-volume capacity.

    Today’s lawyers use technology for more than just work-life balance. No office? No problem. Conduct all your work in a paperless environment online. Files are stored on a web-based platform with bank level security. Web-based legal software enables you and your clients to work online anywhere anytime. Convenience is essential in the competitive market. The software is customisable giving you optimal effectiveness for how you want to engage with the platform.

    Not only can you appreciate balance, but using web-based legal software also helps you develop clients in various locations. Conduct your online work in between personal client meetings at new locations. Expand your geographic boundaries to include remote clients, with the confidence that you can conduct business no matter where you are.

  • Consider Your Client's Life Stages as Business Growth Opportunities

    1. Buying a House
    For many people, their first encounter with a lawyer is when they purchase their first property. At this time, you have an opportunity to onboard potentially lifelong clients. Start off right by using econveyance software that streamlines the process of buying and selling real estate.

    econveyance’s platform organises you automatically by presenting all the transaction steps sequentially in a clean looking environment. As a complete software solution for real estate and mortgage transactions, all the documents, contacts and forms you need are in econveyance. It also integrates with Land Registry offices so that you can perform title searches and import the details into your documents without typing. No more wasted time frequently gathering information that you use repeatedly. A color-coded calendar keeps track of important dates on your deals. Your time is better spent on client relations, developing a connection with them to retain their services.

    The process is so efficient that you only input information once. It is saved and then imported into relevant documents, ensuring their accuracy and reducing the risk of errors. This saves you a lot of time, with the numerous documents required for real estate transactions. econveyance’s reliability builds trust. When your clients trust you, they will reward you with loyalty.

    The numerous people you work with on a transaction are easy to find and communicate with on econveyance. It has a large national Public Library listing lawyers, insurers, brokers and lenders. Their information is copied by clicking. No copy typing is required. Information is shared within econveyance, saving time and money; as well as reducing your stress. Being calm shows your clients that you are confident.

    Your decreased workload provides you with more energy to focus on building your book of business. econveyance’s reports feature enables you to track internal conveyancing statistics for analysing the file and anticipating your client’s needs.

    2. Preparing a Will
    It’s never too early to prepare for the inevitable. After completing a home purchase for your clients, perhaps you suggest to them that it is a good time to draft a will. The way that property ownership is listed on title may impact inheritance laws if one of the owners dies without a will. Drafting a will at this time gives your clients proper legal protection and saves you time, as some of the information is already collected.

    By ensuring your client’s families, children, properties, pets and businesses are addressed in their will, you gain your client’s confidence and they are more likely to return to you for future legal needs or refer you to their friends.

    3. Deliberate File Analysis to Determine Legal Needs
    elegacy and econveyance both allow you to create reports that are invaluable in growing your clientele. In econveyance, easily track referrals and realtors to see where your business is coming from and follow up with them. In elegacy, there are many options for filtering files: clients who are over the age of 60 years old; clients who have not had their wills updated in 5 years; clients who have assigned the law firm as executors; and many more. Sorting through your client database quickly allows you to see which files require legal attention. When you discuss these needs with your clients, you assure them that you have their best interests in mind. At the same time, you benefit from an immediate income stream.

    Growing your book of business is a mindful but effortless process when you use econveyance and elegacy to track your client’s life milestones.