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Fuel Surcharge


Effective Immediately: Fuel Surcharge


As a result of the sustained upward trend in petroleum prices across the Province, Dye & Durham will be implementing a modest fuel surcharge on vehicle courier deliveries, effective immediately.

In accordance with Dye & Durham’s fuel policy, we are continuing to monitor the average weekly fuel price and will adjust prices monthly according to the following scale:


For each 30 day period:


Less than $0.95                        $0.00

$0.96- $1.10                              $0.59

$1.11 -$1.20                              $0.69

$1.21- $1.30                              $0.79

$1.31 -$1.40                              $0.89

$1.41- $1.50                              $0.99


ETRAY                                            $0.00


We would also like to take this opportunity to remind you that there are NO courier, phone, fax or email fees applicable when using ETRAY, our web-based search and registration application.  Electronic filing through ETRAY is a convenient, cost-effective, efficient and ecologically sound alternative to vehicle courier service.  And best of all, it is fully supported by Dye & Durham’s courteous professionals.  


For further details about the benefits ETRAY holds for your firm, or a demonstration, please contact us [email protected] or visit



Dye & Durham’s Fuel Surcharge Policy is based on data provided by