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Fog, snow, bridge closures…and Olympic Games

Dear Valued Client,While there is a strange but big, warm and lovely yellow thing visible in the sky today, the blanket of fog that enveloped the City of Vancouver (see attached), has caused air courier service through Harbour Air to be unavailable on all but one day in the last two weeks.  This has caused significant delays as alternate modes of document delivery are employed.In addition, the closure of the Patullo Bridge in New Westminster has caused serious traffic difficulties throughout that region and increased volume on alternate routes.  SkyTrain ridership has risen markedly as commuters recognize it as a viable alternative.   There have been some instances in which our courier service, both vehicle and SkyTrain, has experienced delays as a result.The West Coast also had to contend with the heavy snowfall and extreme cold throughout late December and early January, with treacherous driving conditions causing difficulties, delays and general havoc.  Given the unpredictable patterns on display, we may experience similar periods of inclement weather before the winter is over.  Now imagine any one of the above issues existing during the 2010 Winter Olympics!In keeping with our role as service providers, we, at Dye & Durham, believe it is incumbent upon us to ensure our customers are not only informed of potential delays, but prepared with convenient alternatives.  We are the only service provider to offer both manual and electronic options to meet your search and registration requirements.  While traditional methods are hampered by such issues as described above, ETRAY, our web-based portal, is weather & traffic proof…in addition to being fully-supported, ecologically sound and more cost-effective.  Whether as your primary method or as a reliable back-up system, the ETRAY option is worth exploring.

Should you be interested in learning more about the benefits ETRAY holds for your organization, a Dye & Durham representative would be pleased to meet with you at your convenience. Please contact us at:


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