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ETRAY Enhancements


ETRAY Enhancement FeaturesUpdated January 20, 2009


Dye & Durham is pleased to introduce the following new ETRAY features, added to provide an even greater level of convenience and functionality.   

#1 – Probate field added to the Court search and File only tab (Available Now)

·        There is a new field called ‘Probate’ under Litigation & Process Serving – Court Search & File Only tab.

·        Please see the attachment for the location of new field.




#2 – Auto Archive option available to the users (Available Now)

·        There is new option called ‘Auto Archive’ available to all ETRAY users (see attachment).

·        The option can be set on the ‘My Preferences’ page. If the option is set to true, the completed work orders will automatically go to the clients Archived tab. (Please note that default is set to false)

Should you be interested in learning more about the benefits ETRAY holds for your organization, a Dye & Durham representative would be pleased to meet with you at your convenience. Please contact:


Ashley Paquette

(604) 257-1800


[email protected]