Employee Engagement

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Moving forward on culture and experience

I’ve had the privilege of taking part in an incredible journey since joining Dye & Durham as president of Canadian operations in 2020—the same year we launched our IPO, expanded our platform’s value proposition, and re-imagined our customer offerings.

In two short years, we’ve grown from a legacy company serving Canada’s legal community with document automation to a software ecosystem providing technology solutions for a global network of firms and professionals in everything from real estate transactions to due diligence services.

It’s been a journey of fast-paced expansion. In executing our “Build to a Billion” strategy, we’ve deployed $1.6 billion on over 10 acquisitions since going public and expanded our operational footprint across three continents in service of more than 50,000 customers.

It’s a journey endowed with an extended family of talented employees, with more than 1,500 people working at our offices in Canada, the UK, Ireland, and Australia.

As I’ve witnessed our astonishing growth in a short time—becoming Chief Commercial & People Officer in the process—I’m acutely aware of how important nurturing a culture that values diversity, entrepreneurship, and development will be to our continued success as a global software player.

I’m proud of what our team has been able to accomplish as the pace of acquisitions has rapidly diversified our product and service offerings. It’s helped embed a unique corporate culture best articulated by one team member:

“As an acquisitive company, Dye & Durham is an amalgamation of different entities. As such, it encourages an entrepreneurial spirit. It leaves room for you to develop and improve on processes in your department. This is one of the reasons why we’ve been so successful to date.”

I feel this captures the nature of our business, which fosters an environment of continuous learning where no two days are the same and employees are consistently challenged to find diverse solutions for our customers. As a result, Dye & Durham is shaping well-rounded and highly skilled employees, whether they are lawyers, product managers, customer care specialists, technology practitioners or subject matter experts.

Adapting to the growth spurt

As with any coming-of-age period, Dye & Durham has certainly felt its share of growing pains.

As we’ve acquired a wide array of companies and sought to build the most feature-rich conveyancing platform in Canada, we’ve received pushback about our pricing bundles and we’re working proactively on finding an equitable, long-term solution. This year, we’ll form a Customer Innovation Council where senior Dye & Durham leaders will work directly with customers to develop new features and integrations, and further improve our products.

We’ve also heard from current and former employees about their concerns around issues like capacity and work-life balance. The latest quarterly employee survey results from our Global Business Overview offer important insights and lessons on enhancing Dye & Durham’s working culture:

  • We received consistently high marks from respondents who felt they have a good relationship with their manager, could rely on co-workers for quality output and consider them to be friends.
  • There’s room for improvement on employee recognition, performance evaluation and personal or career development opportunities.  

As Dye & Durham continues to shape itself after multiple acquisitions and leverages our expanding software platform to deliver productivity benefits and solutions for customers, I’m committed to hearing from our employees and taking concrete action on that feedback. We’re focussed on improving internal communications and have launched a global employee intranet, which includes a ‘meet your colleagues’ section and hosts local and global Town Halls where our people can catch up on the latest company news and recognize each other’s achievements. In addition to this, we provide regular global employee events and workshops where we aim to promote team building and focus on employee wellbeing.

As the senior leader responsible for nurturing our forward-thinking corporate culture, it’s my job to advance a workplace that sees being responsive to employees as intrinsic to our DNA, as is building a best-in-class business.

COVID-19 has completely transformed the nature of work, from shifting work-life balance expectations to making the search for talent a truly global enterprise. As we look to the future, our success will depend on our effective responsiveness to stakeholders—employees, customers and members of the communities in which we do business.

By taking a holistic approach to our culture and operations, we’ll ensure our expanding global reach is propelled by one united Dye & Durham team.

John Robinson, Chief Commercial & People Officer, Dye & Durham