• The Most Comprehensive "Law Firm in a Box" Solution

    It may be surprising that a company older than the Supreme Court of Canada would be one of the most innovative leaders in this country’s current legal technology market.

    Dye & Durham is at the forefront of change, using advances in technology to provide lawyers and law firms with efficiency. Out of the box solutions help to reduce costs and provide faster document turn-around time.

    Since they began operations in 1874, Dye & Durham, originally known as The Dominion Blank Form Company, has always focused on making legal processes easier. Today, more than 70% of the company’s revenue derives from automatic processes involving no human being. Their technology and service are responsible for more than 2,500,000 mandatory legal transactions each year. Over 5000 customers across Canada and the UK rely on their emarket which provides legal professionals with efficient solutions to streamline their work flow. emarket operates in real time cloud technology that consolidates legal processes into one convenient platform.

    The company shares its beginnings with the invention of the telephone which occurred in Brantford, Ontario in 1874. The first telephone was not very user friendly, it had two large parts – one for speaking and one for listening - but its invention forged a path to our current technology.

    Without the telephone and its evolution, our present communications would be very different. From the very first underground telephone cables that allowed voice communications, to today’s cellular technology that enables the transmission of so many communication tools including voice, video and documents, our world keeps changing. Dye & Durham’s technological advancements provide lawyers with innovative systems. The emarket suite of legal software is changing the way Canadian lawyers do business.

  • The Digital Advantage

    Today’s lawyer operates with a digital advantage, compared to lawyers practicing in Dye & Durham’s inaugural year.

    Digital automation means having a paperless office is a viable option. A law firm in 1874 would not exist without paper, yet today, some firms resist using paper. Consider all that is involved in paper management. And then imagine your paperless office…with only a clear desk, laptop and smartphone! emarket solutions provide complete work flow processes with document and file storage, meaning, you can work entirely online with emarket.

    Efficient data input saves time. In the past, lawyers used dipping pens and ink to hand-write all correspondence and legal documents. Today, Dye & Durham’s emarket is designed so that information - name, date, address, property title, etc. is only entered once without any further re-keying, copying or pasting.

    Historically, communications usually occurred in person or by delivery. Delivery took time because of the limited options for getting around. Replies were not instantaneous. With emarket, lawyers can communicate with each other within the software, providing more options than e-mail, couriers or phone calls.

    Sending documents used to be a matter of walking, going by horse, train or ship, as there were no vehicles, faxes or e-mail in 1874. Today, Dye & Durham provides connections within the software allowing you to alert your party that documents are ready in the cloud. There is no need for couriers or mail. This saves both money and time.

  • Solutions for Legal Processes

    etray provides searching and filing for electronic and paper documents. oncorp makes it easy to search and file with direct connections to corporate registries. Without the luxury of instant online results, law firms of the past had to wait weeks or more to obtain information outside their locale.

    ecorp provides you with the ability to prepare, register and manage corporate records and file directly with the British Columbia registry. A precedent library makes document generation automatic, while a feature linking corporate records allows you to connect companies with the same director or officer, without re-keying the information. There was no automatic document generation in the past. Each and every document was created by hand.

    econveyance streamlines the process of buying and selling real estate. Within one platform, users can conduct title searches, purchase title insurance, arrange for mortgages and prepare necessary documents for residential, commercial and condo projects. It automates routine calculations and contains contact information for all lawyers, lenders, real estate and insurance companies in the country, saving you time on repetitive tasks. Real estate transactions were never this easy.

    elegacy makes it easy to create and manage a will, estate plan, power of attorney and representation agreement. A detailed intake form allows your clients to see the list of information you need and to prepare it for you. A ‘copy to spouse’ button saves everyone time. Track the file’s progress by assigning tasks and viewing the auto checklist. This is the era of comprehensive digital management for legal processes.

    The cloud based emarket provides convenience and effectiveness for today’s legal professionals and align well with what millennial's value –time and flexibility. emarket provides ‘anywhere, anytime’ access.

    emarket helps you to reduce costs, improve efficiencies and save time – time that is better spent building your business and practicing, not processing law.

  • A Glimpse Into the Canada of 1874

    Dye & Durham began when Canada was not yet independent, and was known as the Dominion of Canada, created by the British North America Act of 1867. Canada had different values, social rules and laws then. A quick look at enfranchisement shows us that only a few people had the legal right to vote. The huge list of people who were not legally allowed to vote included, in certain parts of Canada, judges, government workers, people who had received charity, teachers and criminals. Much has been gained since then, as nearly every Canadian is currently eligible to vote. As technology has evolved, so too, have our laws and values. Dye & Durham is part of Canadian history.

    As clients demand more affordable legal services, emarket products provide reliable outcomes in fractions of the time compared to traditional processes.