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Electronic Ordering of a Certificate of Good Standing

Subject:   Electronic Ordering of a Certificate of Good Standing


Earlier this year, the Corporate Registry announced the implementation this summer of a new service for clients with a BC OnLine account to request a Certificate of Good Standing for B.C. and extra provincial companies over Corporate Online and receive the certificate in a PDF file.  We are pleased to advise the ability to order these certificates is now available with the new release of this new service from Corporate Online.


Full details regarding this new service are now available from Corporate Online .


Should you currently have an order for a certificate of good standing with the Corporate Registry and wish to cancel the request due to the availability of this new service, please contact the Search and Copy Work Section by fax at 250- 356-0206.


Should you have any questions, please contact me.



Sherrilyn Johnson

Executive Coordinator

BC Registry Services

Phone:  250 356-8661     Fax:  250 356-9422

Email:  [email protected]