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Electronic Evidence

The Supreme Court has been developing a practice direction concerning the preparation, exchange and presentation of electronic evidence. A draft practice direction has been prepared and the Supreme Court is now seeking comments from members of the bar and the public with respect to the draft practice direction. The intention of the Supreme Court is to issue a final electronic evidence practice direction on July 1, 2006. Between now and then, the Supreme Court intends to consult with members of the bar and the public with a view to revising the draft practice direction. A feedback document has been prepared for the convenience of those wishing to comment on the practice direction. The Supreme Court asks that any comments or suggestions for revisions be emailed to [email protected] The links for the draft directive and feedback template are:[1].2.06.pdf

Consultation Timetable for the Electronic Evidence Practice Direction

Practice Direction Draft #1 released February 10, 2006 Draft #1 Feedback due March 11, 2006 Practice Direction Draft #2 released March 27, 2006 Draft #2 Feedback due April 28, 2006 Practice Direction Draft #3 released May 15, 2006 Draft #3 Feedback due June 5, 2006 Final Practice Direction issued July 1, 2006