• Paulie Bhambra is a freelance conveyancer in British Columbia, who as achieved an ideal balance between her life and her work. "I strongly advise all of my clients to use econveyance because it is so efficient and convenient," she says/ "It's easy for them, they just need to sign up for an account, then 'pay-as-you-go'," she continues. She says it is an affordable option, for sole practitioners and big firms, "there are no setup fees, there is only one fee per file."

    Paulie prefers working on the web-based cloud with econveyance. The cloud gives her flexibility to work anytime and anywhere. She is often away from home but manages her workload and deadlines easily and conveniently. She takes her laptop with her and uses Wi-Fi connections wherever she goes. This flexibility means that she can travel multiple times throughout the year and continue to work. Even on international trips, she accesses her files from either her laptop or phone. "I only use econveyance because with the competitors' products, I couldn't travel - they are not web-based". she says.

    Paulie has been a conveyancer for 26 years and started freelancing 19 years ago. She currently performs all her work remotely to spend time with her family. The technology today makes this possible, but she remembers her early days, with exasperation: "When I first started working as a conveyancer, all of our precedents were stored on an 'ugly computer' and we had to type out documents such as the Property Transfer Tax Form."

    Early software options provided some efficiencies but they cost a lot of money. "You had to buy the program for the computer, then purchase annual updates,: Paulie says. The cost was similar to a year of daycare or a used vehicle. The software was also limited to the computer on which it was installed.

    So many features in econveyance provide Paulie with the ability to work remotely. Working remotely has always been important to Paulie. She started when her children were young because she wanted autonomy to arrange her schedule around their many pursuits. Now they are young adults, and she continues to be very busy with them, as they develop more elite activities. Her professionally renovated home helps her when she works crazy hours, like 7am to midnight or evenings and weekends, because she can still see her family.

    Paulie loves that she can generate all her documents from within the program. The standard ‘out-of-the-box’ precedents are very useful to her, but these can be customized too. The precedents are “continuously updated according to legislative changes”. She remembers, “one time, a change to the property transfer tax was announced on a Friday, and Dye & Durham had their precedent and the tax calculations in econveyance updated by the next day, Saturday”. econveyance provides an alert message on the platform announcing the change. She loves that she does not have to edit the documents herself to reflect the legislative changes, which, she says, “happens a lot!”.

    Title searches are integrated in econveyance. Paulie says ordering them is as easy as a “click of a button”. Once ordered, the detailed information is imported to the econveyance file and populates other documents. This reduces the risk of errors and eliminates the need to re-key the information.

    Document sharing within the program is simple. Everything updates in real time, so the lawyers with whom she works can access everything, no matter if she’s traveling or working at home. She sends document links to lawyers working on the other side of the deal, which, she says, is even easier than sending attachments by email.

    “When I started freelancing, lawyers were hesitant to see their files leave the office. But now, there are no paper files. The file is digital and is stored on the cloud.” Paulie forecasts that more and more legal services will transition to a paperless and virtual process. She serves clients throughout British Columbia. She says that working this way is more cost-effective too, as she provides services on an as needed basis, allowing lawyers to scale their business.

  • Ordering Title Insurance in econveyance Saves Time

    econveyance is a total solution for real estate conveyancing. It is integrated with two of the three title insurance companies. Paulie prefers using First Canadian Title. She says, "it is so easy to use that you just click on a link, the program walks you through the steps, you hit submit and 4 minutes later, you have your title insurance policy." She orders title insurance on most of her files and notes that some lenders make it a mandatory requirement.

    The process of ordering title insurance outside of econveyance is lengthy and involves an erratic workflow. Paulie says that if title insurance was not integrated in econveyance, she would have to order it by phone. While this may seem innocuous, it is highly inefficient. For one thing, she says, most of the information that she provides over the phone is already collected within econveyance, so there really is no need for a person to spend time providing the same data, when it can be submitted automatically. Another thing, she notes, is that it is rare to reach someone by phone on your first call. And when she does, she waits on hold and feels unproductive, as she could be working during the time that she is waiting for service. It is difficult to focus on other tasks while you’re on hold because you do not know how long you have. It definitely interrupts her work process. Another thing, she notes, is that there is room for errors when ordering by phone. Firstly, she reads the information from the file, then tells it to someone on the phone. And they must record it properly.

    When Paulie orders title insurance within econveyance, the digital information is automatically correctly submitted, giving her ease of mind. She prefers working this way because the process is more streamlined; it is fast, more accurate and she avoids duplication of work.