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E-Filing Guides

The following e-Filing guides and templates are now available for download from the Education section of the Dye & Durham website at

LTSA EFS User Guides and PublicationsEFS User Guide May 2009Form 17 Help Guide March 2009EFS Preliminary Examination Process December 2008EFS Scanning Requirements March 2008EFS System Requirements March 2009Digital Signature Setup October 2008Signatures and Approvals Template April 2009Table of Concordance Land Title Plans April 2009

LTSA Electronic Form TemplatesForm 17 Fee Simple March 2009Form 17 Charge or Notation March 2009Form 17 Cancellation of Charge or Notation March 2009Form A Freehold Transfer March 2009Form B Mortgage March 2009Form C General Instrument Charge March 2009Form C General Instrument Release March 2009Form CBL Claim Builders Lien March 2009Form DG Declaration General March 2009Form EPA Electronic Payment September 2008Property Transfer Tax May 2008Form DSPL LTO Application to Deposit Plan March 2009Strata Plan Property Act Filing March 2009Form Surveyor Registration March 2009Form SPC LTO Plan Survey Plan Certification March 2009Survey Plan Submission to Surveyor General

Court Services Online Form TemplatesElectronic Filing StmtElectronic Filing Statement Provincial Court

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