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Dye & Durham FYI Bill 64 Justice Modernization Statutes, Amendment Act

Litigation FYI  On October 7th, 2004 Bill 64 Justice Modernization Statutes Amendment Act, 2004 passed it’s Third Reading in the Legislature. Bill 64 increases the monetary jurisdiction of the Small Claims Court (by regulation) to no more than $50,000. The amendments do not change the monetary jurisdiction of the Provincial court.

Any change will be made by regulation at a later date.  Until then the monetary jurisdiction of the Court will continue to be $10,000.

The amendments also allow the jurisdiction to be raised in specific court registries for pilot purposes.

The Attorney General has not made decisions regarding the level at which the monetary jurisdiction will be set by regulation, when such regulations may come into force, or where a new small claims limit may be introduced on a pilot basis.

At the same time, changes to the following Acts were passed:

Class Proceedings Act Crown Proceedings Act Court Rules Act Evidence Act Small Claims Act

Details are set out in the attached.

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