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Dye & Durham's 2014 Account Holders Service Price Guide

Dye & Durham’s 2014 Account Holders Service Price Guide coming soon

Dye & Durham’s 2014 Account Holders Service Price Guide will be available for download on February 3. 2014 prices will take effect February 3, 2014. As always, all pre-quoted files will be honoured at 2013 prices. Please contact us to confirm these files.

In keeping with Dye & Durham’s commitment to reduce our ecological footprint, our Account Holder Service Price Guide will be available in electronic (PDF) format only.   

D&D continues to provide support with both electronic filings through ETRAY™, our online work order system, and manual submissions. Not only does ETRAY™ offer faster turn-around times, file & submission management and reduced filing fees, it is easily integrated into most accounting systems for full cost recovery. There is no software installation, no financial investment and can be quickly activated on your desktop within minutes.

Place your work order through ETRAY™ today.

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