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Amended August Litigation Calendar 2014

Amended August 2014 BC Litigation Calendar Now Available

Dye & Durham’s August BC Litigation Calendar offers you important information including:

Trial submission dates, Dates when Judges/Masters are NOT available, Web links to other relevant legal sites and new directives, and Trial scheduling telephone information.

The calendar covers Supreme Courts within the Lower Mainland and Victoria, and is colour-coded to distinguish between registries.

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Friendly Reminders

Please use Requisition in Form 17.1 for Short Leave Applications to submit a Requisition-General in Form 17 requesting certified copies (if required) of probate documents at the time of submission of Application for Probate that the original Grant of Probate is required when requesting certified copies at a later date. The filed Notice of Application is required to comply with PD28 when filing an Application/Petiton or Hearing Record and that a filed copy of the Requisition is required if the matter was reset to a new date. effective Sept 30, 2013, the Registration of Divorce form must be completed electronically.

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