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Corporate Registry Resumes Dissolutions


On February 1, 2005, the Corporate Registry began sending notices of dissolution to BC companies, and notices of cancellation to extraprovincial companies, that have failed to file an annual report for two years or more.

Because notices were suspended for a year, it will take quite some time until the Corporate Registry can deal with the significant backlog of companies that are in default.

All companies that had previously received a notice of dissolution but were never dissolved (regardless of what stage they were at in the dissolution process), including those companies where a delay in the dissolution process was requested, will be reissued a new notice. This also applies to extraprovincial companies.

If you wish to delay the dissolution or cancellation of a company, please wait until you receive the new notice before sending a written request to the Corporate Registry. The staff at the Corporate Registry will not be able to delay the dissolution or cancellation of any company until the company has been issued a new notice and the dissolution process started.Please call Dye & Durham’s Victoria office if you have any questions (800) 665-6211.