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Corporate Registry Priority Fee

Please note the following information provided by the Registrar at BC Registry Services:





October 15, 2008





All filings under the Business Corporations Act, Cooperative Association Act, Partnership Act and Society Act are processed on a first-come, first-served basis unless you pay an additional priority fee. 


If you wish the filings to be processed on a priority basis, an additional $100 for each service will be required. Upon payment of this priority fee, the Corporate Registry will put the filing ahead of others in the queue for that service. A priority service is considered completed when the document is filed or the service request is completed.


Although it is sometimes possible to provide same day service for priority requests, our service standard turnaround is usually within 24 hours. However, the payment of the priority fee does not guarantee that it will be processed within a certain period of time.  Also, we may not accept priority requests during peak workload periods or if staff resources are unavailable.


All filings being submitted on a priority basis should clearly indicate on both the envelope and the filing that the submission is a priority.


Note: If a document to be filed has errors and requires correction, then those corrections must be made and returned to this office within the 24 hour period to maintain priority status.


Ron Townshend