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Cater to Court Contest


To our first two random draw winners:

Julie Hamilton of ICBC (Production Way) is the lucky recipient of a $50 Gift Certificate to Mike’s West Coast Grill and Jan Hutchinson of Fraser Milner Casgrain is the lucky recipient of a $50.00 Gift Certificate to the Keg Restaurant. Don’t miss your chance to be amongst the next winners in our “Cater to Court” contest! 2 random draw prizes still remaining and the opportunity to win the grand prize of a Catered Coffee Break for your department compliments of Dye & Durham.

For the month of October 2004, each time your firm requests a court name search to be conducted at Supreme Court, Provincial Court, Court of Appeal &/or Federal Court, by Dye & Durham, an entry into our “Cater to Court” contest will be processed. It’s that simple! No limit to the number of entries. Each time a search is processed, we will enter your name into our contest and confirm the entry.


Contest Rules & Regulations: Each entry will be calculated by submission of court names searches only, whether one or more locations is requested at a time. Requests for file searches at any of the above-mentioned registries does not qualify as an entry. *Some restrictions may apply.

Dye & Durham