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econveyance makes BC notary 30% more productive

The Challenge

Raman Sadhra clicked search over and over again. He couldn’t believe finding a property deed could take so much time, especially in a day and age when software programs were meant to make document search and generation tasks easy.

However, the legal platform Raman used had a complicated layout. Document labels and search tags didn’t return the results he desired, and it was always challenging to fill in the same data repetitively.

Raman believed there could be a better, faster way to complete conveyancing
transactions and operate his notary business more efficiently.


The Solution

Raman was passionate about legal services, which is why he chose a career as a notary public. However, because he was working in a demanding and competitive environment, he was frustrated that a complicated platform slowed down work for him and his team. When he heard about econveyance by Dye & Durham through a friend, he knew he had to give it a try it.

True to their promise, the econveyance team walked him through each step of the onboarding process. They helped customize documents specifically for his business and set him up on the new Platform. With all his files on the cloud, Raman could access them while commuting between real estate sites and court visits.

What impressed Raman the most was econveyance’s intuitive dashboard. He was happy to see that document labels and search tags were simple and included terms that were commonly used in his practice – a feature he had longed for while using his former conveyancing platform.

Moreover, the sequence of steps to complete a transaction was logical and easy to learn. He found the calendar reminders useful for keeping track of deadlines and he could simplify workflows with a single click – thanks to the auto-populate functionality.

As his team started new files on the platform, they were able to complete transactions faster, with minimal supervision, and whenever they needed guidance, econveyance’s very helpful desk provided expert support and advice.


The Outcome

Raman found that econveyance’s enhanced functionality and features reduced the time it took to complete real estate transactions. It simplified the entire workflow process and made his notary business 30% more productive.

Instead of worrying about finding and generating documents, he started using his freed-up time to interact with new prospects and grow his clientele — things that mattered most to his business.


“When I first switched to econveyance, I laughed at how easy it was to use! The last thing I had to worry about was generating the right document.” Raman Sadhra, Notary Public
Notary Public at West Coast Notaries