• Managing large condo projects with hundreds of units can become a huge strain on resources and a financial mess. Streamlining resources and keeping track of dates, deposits, parking stalls, utilities, etc., becomes a challenge.

    This is the issue Law Shop, a legal services firm headquartered in Calgary, Alberta had to deal with. Tara Berger, a Real Estate Paralegal at Law Shop and Legal Innovations successfully helped implement and resolve this issue for the firm, thereby creating a process of simplicity and ease which helped save time and money and easily allocate resources..

  • Tara’s challenge was completing real estate transactions with efficiency. “When I began working in real estate, I had no idea how stressful it could be”, she says. She describes the “old school” process of manually obtaining information and forms from various sources and inputting the same information into multiple documents and precedents. It would take a long time to compile everything and the risk of error was high. She tried other conveyancing software before deciding on econveyance. Tara notes, “with econveyance, the process is cleaner and faster.”

    Tara made the decision to use econveyance in her practice because everything is in one place enabling greater efficiencies in her work..

  • econveyance’s intuitive workflow and many efficient customisable features encourage optimum productivity. “You can easily manipulate the program to suit you, that’s the beauty of it,” Tara says.

    The software provides a streamlined process for buying and selling real estate, while eliminating duplication, reducing paper and saving time. It is integrated with other services, such as Land Registry offices, Telus Assyst Real Estate mortgage service and title insurance providers to ensure the smoothest possible workflow. Tara says, “When you look at the screen, it’s clean, it’s not overwhelming. It’s easy to use.” Tara continues, “you just move down the menu…so simple!”

    Law Shop uses econveyance because the streamlined process enables them to pass on the cost savings to their clients. With no commitment or sign-up fees, it is “pay-as-you-go” and fees are only charged on transactions that proceed. Each account allows unlimited users. Being able to access econveyance from anywhere in the world allows Tara to manage files anywhere anytime. When she is away from the office or on vacation she can easily log in to get required information instantaneously.

    Title searches are conducted right from the platform and the results are imported into econveyance. By auto populating exact legal property descriptions to her documents, Tara is confident about their accuracy. Tara notes that the contact libraries save her time. The Public Library provides contact information for all lawyers in Canada as well as lenders, real estate brokers and insurers. The Private Library allows Tara to store her client contacts in one place. This information easily populates her documents.

    Tara loves how easy it is to use Law Shop precedents. The software comes with default precedent documents and customisation options. Tara ensures that all her documents feature the wording she is accustomed to using. She groups all documents together based on whether a transaction is for a purchase, sale or refinance.

    Within econveyance, collaboration between legal representatives from both sides of a deal is easy. Tara says that anyone working on a transaction can leave notes and messages for each other. Only one lawyer needs to prepare information that lawyers on both sides of the deal will use, and documents can be shared and tracked within the system, further promoting productivity not only within a firm, but between firms!

    Tara finds that the accounting features are very effective. The accounts can be customized to fit each type of standard file. A complete account can be uploaded without having to take the time to itemize each disbursement. Auto calculations save her “quite a bit of time” and accounts are managed all in one spot. Fees and disbursements can be downloaded as a CSV file for uploading into a financial software system. The security provided by econveyance is in line with bank and government level practices, including firewalls, encryption and automatic session termination, keeping Tara’s client data safe.

    econveyance’s efficiency allows Tara to prepare more transactions per month and affords her time to effectively communicate with her clients. Law Shop takes pride in keeping their clients up to date and happy through the whole process. Tara is excited how this software is transforming legal practices. She says, “I don’t know how people did it before.”

  • When you look at the screen, it's clean, it's not overwhelming. It's easy to us. You just move down the menu, so simple.

    Tara Berger
    Real Estate Paralegal
    Law Shop and Legal Innovations

  • Large condo projects with hundreds of units are easily managed with econveyance. With Projects, Tara creates a master file with all associated units. Different details such as dates, purchase price, deposits, parking stalls and utilities are placed on the appropriate properties efficiently. Data is entered once and directed to all, one or certain properties only. Tara says, “it is so simple and fast to work on condo projects.”

    Tara is so confident in how fast she can prepare transactions in econveyance that she does not hesitate to say yes when real estate agents call her with “rush” deals. Tara knows that with econveyance she can complete the work quickly and accurately.

  • You can easily manipulate the program to suit you. That's the beauty of it.

    Tara Berger
    Real Estate Paralegal
    Law Shop and Legal Innovations

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