• For a rapidly growing business, managing expenses and allocating time is of utmost importance. Altman & Company provides legal services to creative entrepreneurs in both British Columbia and California. With this cross-border connection, Aren Altman has become a go-to lawyer for members of the creative industry on the west coast. The challenge here was managing an expanding law practice and how ‘ecorp’ helped streamline the workflow in an economical way.

  • Aren Altman started his law practice in Vancouver in 2003 and has since seen tremendous growth. He works in the entertainment industry, which includes film, television, music, sports, new media, fashion, publishing, gaming and animation. As Vancouver’s entertainment industry grew, so too did Aren’s clientele. In describing the attraction for creative business people to work in Vancouver, Aren states “Vancouver offers the favorable Canadian dollar and various tax incentives. Vancouver also has a ‘world of looks’, that is, Vancouver can be made to look like so many different places or time periods.” He notes that Vancouver is in the same time zone as Los Angeles and can be accessed from there via a short commuter flight. “What makes this industry in Vancouver really sustainable is that we have developed world class talent here”, Aren continued. “People enjoy working here”, he noted, “the city is not suffering for shoots and more and more studios are opening up.” He goes on to say about entrepreneurship that “there are more and more freelancers…people are turning their passions into independent new businesses.”

    Aren turned to ecorp to streamline his workflow. He wanted an economical way to manage certain repetitive tasks and chose to use Dye & Durham’s ecorp.

  • Without ecorp, all our corporate work takes longer.

    Aren Altman explaining how the time saving features in ecorp allow his company to do a high volume of business using streamlined resources.

  • ecorp is a software program designed to manage corporate records efficiently.

    Aren doubtlessly entrusts his files to Dye & Durham’s highly secure online platform, ecorp. He feels that Dye & Durham’s historic service to the legal industry is well respected and he is confident in their products. All data is stored on multiple servers within Canada, providing no single point of failure.

    When describing ecorp, Aren says that Dye & Durham “took what was already a relatively uncomplicated task and made it more efficient”. He says that ecorp played a role in growing his business with its time-saving features which allowed him to perform a higher volume of work.

    ecorp provides an easy to use web-based platform that is accessible from anywhere. It provides remote working opportunities for busy lawyers balancing all of life’s demands. Aren especially likes the customer service provided by Dye & Durham. They offer complimentary training and ongoing support through their Very Helpful Desk. “The staff are great and promptly answer questions”, he says. ecorp’s pay-as-you-go model allows lawyers and law firms to grow their books of business without big upfront commitments. Lawyers only pay for new and active files and there is no set up charge. Aren noted that this helped him to scale up his growing business.
    ecorp allows lawyers to generate documents from a large precedent library, which stays up-to-date with changes in the provincial Corporate Registries.

    Dye & Durham provides lawyers the opportunity to customize the available templates for documents in ecorp’s precedent library. Other files can also be uploaded and stored in ecorp giving lawyers flexibility in how they organised their documents. Aren primarily uses ecorp to generate corporate documents and file them with the provincial Corporate Registry. With ecorp, client information such as their name and address, is entered into the system once and saved for future use.

    At any time, this data can be retrieved to populate other documents within ecorp. Aren noted that this feature alone has a tremendous impact on his business because it eliminates the duplication of entering the same information repeatedly. It reduces human error and provides consistent reliable data to all documents generated within ecorp. By facilitating direct filing to the provincial Corporate Registry, ecorp makes the ongoing obligations of corporate records management much easier. ecorp stores client data from year to year allowing lawyers to easily generate and file the required documents. Aren noted that when lawyers file directly to the provincial registry without using ecorp, they must repeatedly re-enter client data.

    Aren’s law practice continues to grow. The time savings features in ecorp allow Aren to do a high volume of business using streamlined resources. He says “without ecorp, all our corporate work takes longer”.

  • Dye & Durham took what was already a relatively uncomplicated task and made it more efficient.

    Aren Altman
    Altman & Company

  • Altman & Company is a business and entertainment law firm that serves businesses, start-ups, and the entertainment industries. The firm advises on business structures, incorporations and trademarks while also providing dispute resolution and estate planning services for their clients. Already immersed in the art world, more and more creative people have sought Aren’s legal expertise. His participation on various boards and at different arts festivals exposed artists to his services. His clientele includes individuals and companies across the sports, arts, music, film and entertainment industries.

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