• More than half of Canadians do not have a current will.

    Whether your clients are young or old, having a will is important. It helps people to consider what they will do with everything they have acquired over their lifetime. Houses; cottages; boats; recreational vehicles; savings; investments; collections of antiques, artworks, vehicles, comic books, figurines, etc.

    Your clients have spent a lifetime of hard work to obtain necessary and extravagant items, do you really want to see them relinquish their authority over their estate’s destiny? It is not necessary. elegacy helps to first identify everything in someone’s estate, and then, to draft a custom will providing instructions on how to manage the estate once the owner has passed away.

    Forget the mess of going through boxes of papers, unlabeled documents, and guessing where important information is held. elegacy’s estate planning feature enables you to list all your client’s assets, liabilities, accounts and instructions, all in one place. Information is held on a secure web-based cloud, so you never have to endure dusty disorganization. All important contact information is collected, for people listed in the will or not. It is the one easy reference you will need to assist an executor with carrying out a will.

    It is not pleasant considering our mortality but having a will communicates sensitive information such as funeral arrangements, so that loved ones do not have to make difficult last-minute decisions. You can draft Powers of Attorney and Representation Agreements at the same time. The software also indicates where the will is stored, and it remains on the cloud until removed.

  • Give With Intention

    A will is an opportunity for someone to distribute their assets according to their wishes. In addition to providing for loved ones, it allows them to establish a legacy, a tangible expression of all that was meaningful during their lifetime. Your clients may choose to: - leave everything to their spouse, children, other relatives or friends. - establish a community fund or charity to help people, animals or organizations they care about. - create an award at their alma mater or local school board based on values of importance to them.

    It doesn’t always take a lot of money for these things, but it does take consideration. That’s where the will comes in – it expresses these wishes. Any time your client changes their mind, you can update the will (at no additional cost). All previous drafts are saved on elegacy.

  • A Choice to Not Have a Will is a Choice for Government Intervention

    Without a will, survivors are left guessing at what to do with the estate. But not for long. The government steps in when people die without a will. A person’s estate is distributed according to intestate laws, which vary across Canada and account for families differently. This may have tax consequences that impact what remains in the estate. Some provinces do not recognize common-law spouses at all for inheritances. Loved ones that your clients assumed would benefit from their estate, may be entirely disinherited if a will is not prepared.

    The more complex a family situation is, the more important it is to have a will. Explicitly declaring how multiple spouses and children from more than one union will benefit from your estate is easy to outline in elegacy. It eliminates guess work when executing a will and ensures that everyone receives what is intended for them.

    Family businesses or other atypical situations are addressed cleanly on the software, ensuring your ability to assist each and every client. elegacy simplifies the writing process by offering dynamic drafting. The software makes it easy for you to use your preferred documents, clauses and precedents, and edit them as needed. Data input is drastically reduced, saving time, eliminating risk of errors and promoting better practice management.

  • Pets: Helping Your Clients Account For Those That They Love

    Some people may feel that they do not need a will. Perhaps your clients live alone in a rented apartment and do not own real estate or think that they have anything of value. However, they do not actually live alone. They live with their dog and cat or other pets. A will allows them to name a pet guardian and this is easily noted in elegacy.

  • Empower Your Clients

    Simply by sending a link to your clients, you are empowering them to collect, input and consider all the items that form estate planning and will drafting. These items are all listed on elegacy’s intake form. Clients can take as much time as they need to gather information and then meet with you to discuss their wills when they are ready. Productivity is gained because clients have had a chance to see what is required and prepare questions for you, making meetings more impactful.

    It is easy to forget about all our digital activities, especially when considering bigger things like who to give the house to, but elegacy obtains information on your client’s digital accounts and passwords, so that when they pass away, these accounts can be secured and dealt with. It also may be the first time your clients accumulate them in one place, improving everyone’s organisation!

    When clients provide instructions for drafting or changing their will, you can keep electronic notes comprising text, emails or other attachments, on the document page as reminders of the context for that part of the will. These notes remain outside of the document itself but are there for your reference. They are like paper notes, but better.

  • The Lack of Wills Represents Potential Business For You

    The majority of Canadians are waiting for you to help them prepare a will. With elegacy, you can efficiently prepare documents for any situation, while at the same time, improving your own practice management and making life, and estate management resulting from death, better for Canadians and their families.

    elegacy is a complete streamlined web-based estate planning platform to help you create, process and register wills and probate for your clients.