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Powerful Practice Management & Conveyancing

Canada’s most powerful practice management and conveyancing platform is being built for BC. Revitalizing the powerful workflows and integrations from econveyance, ProSuite, and Brief Convey into a new groundbreaking application.

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Unity is built for scalability, reliability, and secure cloud computing hosted on AWS, ensuring uninterrupted service and industry-leading uptime. This is the Unity performance standard.

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Unity is built to deliver top performance speed for your busy law office. We understand you have many matters on the go at any given time and speed is of the essence.

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Unity is built with best-in-class security technology and features Two-Step Verification to ensure maximum security of your practice and your clients’ sensitive data.

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Experience Unity, 3 years of experience and user feedback when it comes to moving customers to a new application

  • Focused on building what matters to ensure Unity customers have the fastest, most reliable, and most secure platform
  • Building on modern technology to continue introducing new features and integrations for years to come
  • Building Unity in a way to minimize business disruptions and avoid feeling like you have to learn a brand-new program
  • Gradually expanding capabilities and features in a way that works for the industry to adopt changes and change processes
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Prepare to delight your customers, every time

You’ll benefit from: unheard of speed and efficiency to help you deliver next-level customer service; all your data in one location, accessible from anywhere, so you’ll be able to easily respond to customer requests at any time; mitigating risk by eliminating simple mistakes and data entry errors; and getting it all done in one place with market-leading integrations that will give you access to our partner network.

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When the time comes, migrate to Unity® seamlessly

We’ll be here to make your transition to Unity® easy:

  • Our award-winning dedicated migration support process will make the transition seamless and minimize disruption
  • As part of your migration, you’ll be able to explore our Unity® University to help you learn all about Unity’s features and functionality
  • Our extended and improved customer service team will be available to answer all of your questions
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Bank-grade encryption, privacy controls & secure hosting in Canada, all to come

Look ahead to working safely and securely from anywhere with Unity®.

The protection and security of your firm and customer information is our top priority. Features will include: Privacy controls so only users you have authorized will have access to your private information; all Data encrypted in transit to and from your browser using SSL encryption; data backed up and stored in secure offsite Canadian locations and you control access to specific areas of the application for different users.

Stay informed with the latest updates from Unity® optimised for BC

Register your interest using our contact form to stay up to date with all the news and updates about Unity®, coming soon and optimised for BC.