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BC Registry Services Application Outages Feb 18 to 19, 2012

Dear Valued Client,

See below for a message from BC Registry Services.

BC Registry Services Application Outages – February 18 to 19, 2012

Corporate Online, Name Requests Online, OneStop Business Registry for partnership/proprietorship registrations, Societies Online and the BC Registry Services application will be unavailable Saturday, February 18 until Monday morning February 20, 2012 for application maintenance and upgrades.

The main benefit of this upgrade is for our clients:

When a client changes a corporation name or number on Corporate Online, should that corporation also be a sole proprietor or general partner of a firm, Corporate Online will automatically update this change in the firms register.  In this case a new screen will appear on Corporate Online listing the firm(s) to be updated and asking for submitting party information. A dissolution or change of proprietorship/partnership registration is filed on the client’s behalf to update the firms register. A confirmation of the updates is included on the Confirmation of Service cover sheet.

Note:  For a Future Effective Dated filing, Corporate Online will not update the change until the future dated filing is completed.  If the filing is withdrawn before the future effective date, then Corporate Online will not update the change on the firms register.

If staff from BC Registry Services process the corporation name or number change on Corporate Online, the change is not automatically updated in the firms register.  However, a notification letter will be sent to the client as a reminder to submit a paper filing for the change.

In addition, the BC Registry Services output for a proprietorship registration or a partnership registration will be split into a separate output for each type of filing rather than combined as it is currently.