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August 2015 Litigation Calendar

Litigation Calendar for August 2015 Now Available

Dye & Durham’s Litigation Calendar offers you important information, including:

  • trial submission dates;
  • dates when judges and masters are not available;
  • web links to other relevant legal sites and new directives;
  • and trial scheduling telephone information.

The calendar covers the BC Supreme Court registries within the Lower Mainland, as well as Victoria. It is colour-coded to distinguish between registries.

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Friendly Reminders

Documents for Electronic Filing: When submitting your documents to us for electronic filing, please ensure you provide us with a separate pdf for each document. In other words, each pdf should contain only one document.

Small Claims: In order to file a notice of claim in Small Claims Court, a company search is required for each company that is a defendant in the claim.

Provincial Court Family Documents: We require an original letter of authorization to obtain a copy of any documents from the Provincial Court Family Registry, including clerk’s notes.

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