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Welcome to the homepage of Dye & Durham Alberta. Dye & Durham has a renewed commitment to law firms in Alberta with a great new team and exciting software products that help make your law firm more productive.

The Dye & Durham Community and Events

Dye & Durham is pleased to bring its highly successful event, The Here and Now of Legal Innovation to Edmonton, Calgary and Grand Prairie. Reserve your ticket below.

  • Jan 24 Edmonton – Eventbrite - Here and Now of Legal Innovation in Edmonton
  • Jan 25 Calgary – Eventbrite - Here and Now of Legal Innovation in Calgary
  • Jan 26 Grande Prairie – Eventbrite - Here and Now of Legal Innovation in Grand Prairie


Brenda Hodgson – Training and Implementation Manager


brenda-hodgsonDuring my career in the legal profession over the past 31 years, I have experienced many, many changes, from IBM Typewriters, Electronic Typewriters, Wang, AES and then finally computers.  The changes continued with software upgrades, Word Perfect, Word and many procedural changes including Protocol, and Spin II.  These changes were not always smooth and easy but looking back now, I would have to say each change did improve my day to day work flow and made my job a little easier.

Through these life experiences I have developed a great empathy for my fellow conveyancers as I understand how introducing any kind of change while trying to maintain a busy full time conveyancing position with specific deadlines can be difficult and stressful.   I have also had the privilege of being a guest instructor at Grant MacEwan University for the past 20 years.  I love the enthusiasm and energy of the students as they embrace the new technology that is being presented to them.   I find it rewarding to pass on my knowledge and be a part of the new generation of Legal Assistants coming into the Legal Profession.My goal as the Alberta Trainer for econveyance is to onboard new clients with patience and understanding and to ensure that their transition to using econveyance is as smooth and stress free as possible. I am based in the Edmonton region.


 Marlene Smith – Business Development and Account Manager

marlene-smithMy focus is to understand how to match a business need to a solution, maximizing the return on investment. Technology is one piece of the solution but it is the change management process to achieve adoption of the solution that is key to reaping successful outcomes for any business or practice.  My goal is to ensure that you, the customer, are better enabled to build and develop your own legal practice and bottom line with the help of Dye & Durham’s solutions. I look at the entire relationship cycle of a customer with our firm and follow the process from beginning to end to assure the highest quality customer experience and outputs. I lead Dye & Durham’s Business Development and Account Management efforts in Alberta. I have extensive experience in bringing web-based, software solutions to market and have worked in a variety of industries from Enterprise Software and Educational Technologies and Social Media.  An entrepreneur myself, I understand how important it is to maximize resource utilization to obtain optimal results for your business.  I am based in Calgary.

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