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Here and Now of Legal Innovation Alberta

Dye & Durham is pleased to bring it’s highly successful event, The Here and Now of Legal Innovation, to Alberta. The keynote speaker is critically acclaimed author Mitchell E. Kowalski and the title of his speech is “The Great Legal Reformation”
Summary: The Great Legal Reformation – The successful law firm of 2025 will emerge from the choices made by law firm leaders today. In order to create competitive advantage and deliver superior financial returns, law firms need to understand and adapt to the changing ecosystem in which they now live, as well as forecasting what that ecosystem will look like 10 or more years down the road; long-term vision and strategy have therefore never been more important for law firms. Mitch Kowalski, examines the challenges law firms face now and in the future – then uses this perspective to suggest a provocative model for the successful law firm of 2025.     This has been accredited by LSUC for CPD.
Attendees will also benefit from the following:

  1. Commentary on the EFS Online Land Title Registration coming to Alberta in the Spring of 2017.
  2. An opportunity to hear how law firms are focusing on profitable practice management by embracing innovation to optimize their processes.
  3. Discover the latest developments from Dye & Durham Alberta coming in 2017. These will enable automation in new areas of your practice allowing you to gain significant efficiencies and drive further growth.
  4. The opportunity to network with like-minded professionals sharing, knowledge, experience and innovative ideas at a cocktail reception (host bar).
  5. This event may be used towards your personal CPD plan.