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Affidavits – Supreme Court of British Columbia

The Supreme Court of British Columbia





The identity of the Counsel or Commissioner before whom Affidavits are sworn




Some concern has been expressed with respect to affidavits that have been filed where it is impossible to identify the commissioner before whom the affidavit has been sworn.  When a commissioner applies only his or her signature to the jurat, there is no means of clearly identifying the commissioner should a question arise about the circumstances under which the affidavit was sworn.  Many commissioners apply a stamp below their signatures which indicates their name and contact information.  This practice is encouraged. 


Effectively immediately, affidavits prepared for filing in Supreme Court must include the name, legibly typed or written, of the commissioner before whom the affidavit was sworn as part of the jurat in addition to the signature.  





November 22, 2004



Donald I. Brenner,

Chief Justice

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