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Administrative Notice Applications Record and Chambers List

Dear valued client;

Administrative Notice 10

Pursuant to the Administrative Notice (AN) issued by the Honourable Chief Justice Bauman, effective February 15th, 2012 the following must be followed when processing late applications records and reinstatement requests to be placed on the Chamber List:

Application struck where application record not provided on time

1. When an application record is not provided to the registry within the time stipulated by the Rules of Court , the application is struck from the Chambers list.

Leave to reinstate application to list, or late file application record

2. Where counsel or a litigant seeks leave to file the application record late or to reinstate an application to the Chambers list that has been struck, a Requisition in the form attached in Appendix A to the AN must be completed.

Direction where respondent appears on matter that has been struck

3. Where a respondent attends for an application that has been struck from the Chambers list because the applicant did not file the application record on time, a Requisition in the form attached in Appendix B to the AN must be completed if the respondent seeks an order as to costs or other direction.