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2010 Impact on Courts

As the countdown to the 2010 Olympics continues, Dye & Durham will be providing information, reminders and updates on developments that relate to or affect the legal community.  Attached is a memorandum released by the Supreme Court of British Columbia, which details some delays and closures anticipated to arise from the Games.In addition to the issues discussed, Dye & Durham further anticipates gold medals for both Canadian hockey teams.   In keeping with our role as service providers, we, at Dye & Durham, believe it is incumbent upon us to ensure our customers are not only informed of potential delays, but prepared with convenient alternatives.  We are the only service provider to offer both manual and fully integrated electronic options to meet your search and registration requirements.  While traditional methods are hampered by such issues as described above, ETRAY, our web-based portal, is weather & traffic proof…in addition to being fully-supported, ecologically sound and more cost-effective.  Whether as your primary method or as a reliable back-up system, the ETRAY option is worth exploring.

Should you be interested in learning more about the benefits ETRAY holds for your organization, a Dye & Durham representative would be pleased to meet with you at your convenience. Please contact us at:


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